Why Made4?


We take vitamins seriously. They’re a fundamental part of your health and wellbeing, which is why we combine nutritional science and innovative technology to deliver high impact, personalised vitamin & supplement solutions that are Made4 Powering People.

Made4 was founded on the concept of delivering high-quality, personalised vitamins to people's doors, working with healthcare experts to develop a range of vitamins & supplements that match people's nutritional needs.

Creating Made4 allowed us to not only understand you - our customers - but offer a personalised service with a fully flexible subscription.

We have combined the power of natural ingredients with extensive research to deliver premium wellness products for you, everywhere, every day!

The beauty of Made4 is that no matter where you are, or where you go, your vitamins are dispensed in daily sachets and ready to take, wherever you are in your journey!

Vitamins aren’t mythical – they actually work. And thanks to the rigorous testing of each of our products, we have the science to back it up.

Our vitamins are backed by a whole team of experts - from nutritionists and pharmacists to doctors and personal trainers - who design our vitamin packs and programs with efficacy front of mind, making sure the supplements work together and have a real impact on your body.

Not all supplements are the same. Your body absorbs supplements in different ways, and how they're made has a big impact on how much can be absorbed by your body.

We've combined supplements like turmeric and black pepper to increase absorption, with studies showing that black pepper can enhance bioavailability by 2000%. And our vitamin and supplement packs have been developed to include supplements that work in perfect harmony with each other.

We’re driven by innovation. That’s why we’re constantly exploring new ways to help fuel your potential.


More performance, less plastic!

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best quality products with the highest standards of ethics and lowest environmental impact.

All of our cardboard packaging is FSC-certified, and we are working with our sachet supplier on improving the sustainability of our vitamin sachets.

We aren’t perfect, but we are working every day to improve our social and environmental practices. We’re on a journey and while we don’t have all the answers, we continuously strive to bring sustainability into all we do.

Manufactured in the UK by our team of experts using only the highest quality ingredients formulated in our state-of-the-art labs.

Our supplements manufacturer has market-leading quality standards, including ISO22000 certification, with the highest levels of product safety and strict batch testing & traceability.

They specialise in manufacturing vitamins to the highest standards of absorption rates (how much is absorbed into your bloodstream), so you can be confident that you're getting the most out of your supplements.

Our supplements are non-GMO, never tested on animals and produced to the very highest standards, with safety and quality checks every step of the way throughout our supply chain.

Our supplements have been carefully selected to ensure they have the right level of nutrients to give you the results that you need. Our expert team of medics, pharmacists and nutritionists have collectively studied the best research and put together our range of vitamins and supplements to make sure the Nutrient Reference Values (NRV's) are right for you.



Kasim is the CEO & Co-founder of Made4 Vitamins. His passion for modern innovation saw him incorporate the personalised 'Pouch' technology to Made4. He is a fully qualified pharmacist, graduating from Strathclyde University with a Masters in Pharmacy.


Dr Bhasha is a key member of the Made4 team, and is a registered NHS Junior Doctor. She works full-time within the National Health Service and graduated from Reading University.


Rebekah heads up nutrition at Made4 and has a vast amount of experience in the health and fitness industry. She has extensive knowledge of nutrition and enjoys working with individuals to explore their lifestyle, which in-turn enables her to provide tailored nutritional advice.