A Guide To Choosing The Right Supplements For You

Our in-house team of nutritional, pharmaceutical and medical experts have designed our vitamin plans to give you supplements that are right for you.

The right dose = greater impact

Our supplements have been carefully selected to ensure they have the right level of nutrients to give you the results you need. Our expert team of medics, pharmacists and nutritionists have collectively studied the best research and put together our range of vitamins and supplements to make sure the Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) are right for you.

Nutrients your body can absorb

Not all supplements are the same. Your body absorbs supplements in different ways, and how they’re made has a big impact on how much can be absorbed by your body. We’ve sourced our supplements from leading UK-based suppliers who specialise in manufacturing vitamins to the highest standards of absorption rates (how much is absorbed into your bloodstream), so you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of your supplements.

Honest information

The world of vitamins and supplements can be confusing. Our team of experts with doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists are here to guide you in choosing the right supplements to help support your health and wellness goals.

Combinations that work

Our vitamin plans are focused on efficacy - making sure the supplements work together and have a real impact on your body. We've combined supplements like Turmeric and Black Pepper to increase absorption, with studies showing that black pepper can enhance bioavailability by 2000%. And our Essentials packs have been developed to include supplements that work in perfect harmony with each other.

High-quality, UK-manufactured supplements

We’ve searched the globe for the best ingredients for our supplements and manufacture them right here in the UK, so you can be sure only the best ingredients make it in. Our supplements are non-GMO, never tested on animals and produced to the very highest standards, with safety and quality checks every step of the way throughout our supply chain.