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Supplement School: Benefits Of Folic Acid

Supplement School: Benefits Of Folic Acid

Welcome to supplement school. It's time for a lesson on the benefits of folic acid.

When you hear folic acid, your first thought is probably that it's a vital addition to any pregnant woman's diet, as it is necessary for healthy foetal growth.

But what about the rest of us? It turns our that folic acid has some pretty awesome benefits, and including it as part of your supplement routine - even if you're not pregnant - could be a wise choice.

So, let's get this class in session!

Lesson #1: Folic Acid Is Still Necessary For Pregnant Women

Starting with the most well-known use of folic acid. All pregnant women are indeed encouraged to supplement this magical vitamin from the moment they find out they're having a baby, and many will continue into motherhood, especially if they are breastfeeding.

Lesson #2: Helps Production of Red Blood Cells

If you're not pregnant, then you might still benefit from adding folic acid into your supplement routine. Folic acid helps promote the creation and maturity of healthy red blood cells. Sounds great, right? But what does that really mean?

Red blood cells are necessary to transport oxygen to all of your cells. A lack of red blood cells can cause anaemia and also affect workout recovery and your general energy levels. So, the healthier your red blood cell production, the better.

Lesson #3: Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

When taken as part of a healthy supplement routine, folic acid can help reduce your chances of heart disease by up to 20%

This is because folic acid reduces homocysteine levels, which is an amino acid commonly found in animal products and is linked to higher rates of heart disease.

So, if heart health is a priority for you (which it should be), you can get the benefits of folic acid by eating fortified cereals, green leafy vegetables and taking a daily supplement.

Lesson #4: Supports Mental Health

So, we've explored some of the physical benefits of folic acid, but did you know that this fantastic vitamin can also positively impact your mental health? Scientists have found that folic acid is necessary for the healthy maintenance of neurotransmitters - the chemicals that keep your brain functioning.

As with any mental health issue, it's important to follow your doctor's advice - but folic acid might be a useful supplement to your existing routine.

So, there you have it. Folic acid is absolutely vital for pregnant women, but it can also prove very beneficial for just about anyone.

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